Tromso, Norway

The Aurora Borealis; a phenomenon that has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl watching ''Balto'' on VCR at my Grandma's house... Never did I imagine then that one day I would be standing directly underneath them, watching the colors dance across the sky above me; but there I was, only [...]


How One Road-Trip Changed my Life

Admit it, we’ve all had those days where we think “I could just pack up, get in my car and drive in any direction, wherever the road takes me”, right? It’s usually not too long before the little voice of ‘reason’ (or should I say, fear) tells us we’re silly, we’ve got a job to [...]

23 Years Old and Just Beginning

I have come to live my life according to the spontaneous desires in my heart; in essence, whichever direction my heart points towards, I go - and fast! 9 weeks ago, I held a full-time career job (which I absolutely loved), shared a cosy but homely top-floor apartment with a friend where I would watch the Brisbane City [...]